Q&A: The College of Hip Hop

Where is AJ & SJ from?
TCOHH: We are from Inkster Michigan, we are the co founders of  The College Of Hip Hop.org. SJ & AJ Jackson are  both college graduates, and entrepreneurs from website ownership to app development, to being authors. That’s who we are and where we are from.

What made you guys go into the techie business? And Why now?
TCOHH: The reason we decided to venture into the tech business is simple, it was just basic evolution for us. We have taken on several roles over the years in several business and tech was just something we’d seen ourselves doing a long time ago and the time was now.

Why did you chose the name The College Hip Hop?
TCOHH: We decided on the name of the company because we are “children of hip-hop” and are so much apart of the culture that it fit our mission and purpose of the company.

What do you see that most artist/labels need help?
TCOHH: We see that most artist need help with understanding and comprehending the business, its a lot of “fluff” in this business and artist get lost in the “fluff” because its very easy to get lost in.

What were the challenges with building the website and app?
TCOHH:  The challenges building the app and website was mostly choosing what information to release to the people when.  It’s so much information that needs to be presented and narrowing down what to release when was a challenge.

How often can your students/registered members expect to see new material?
TCOHH: people who down load The College Of Hip Hop app, which is available across all app platforms can expect to see new content every week, rather it be seminars or it be blog post. We are very active in updating our content.

What are the goals you all would like to accomplish?
TCOHH: Our goal with the app is to get real estate on each an every phone of someone who wants to learn this business of entertainment.

If you had to start over what would you do differently? Why?
TCOHH: I can’t say we’d do anything differently if we had to start over. Everything we have ever done produced results that got us to this very position, which means this has always been our path to co found The College Of Hip Hop.org and convert it to a cell phone application.

Who has been your influences in your journey in music and business?
TCOHH: Far as music we were very influenced by the likes of Berry Gordy, Master P, Mathew Knowles, Tony Draper, Wendy Day. It’s really to many to name because they all are for way different reasons. And far as business I’d have to say Don Barden, he was a successful black business man from Inkster, so knowing that we always knew it’s a lot that can be accomplished coming from where we from.

Do you see your company partnering with anyone anytime soon? Why/Why not?
TCOHH:  Yes we see the company partnering with other companies in the future, everyone should partner with someone rather it be for marketing/promotions or to just take your business to the next level.

If there was any advice you would give to those seeking to get in the techie world what would it be?
TCOHH: Our advice would be just keep your higher power first, don’t be afraid to take chances. We live a life style that’s simple “I Want For My Brother, What I Want For Myself” meaning we want the best for everyone, whatever your best maybe we want that for you and hope you want that for others.

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